Sleep and Heart Health

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Learning to prioritize yourself and to claim time for your mental and physical well-being is critical for achieving long term wellness.  

When life gets busy, personal priorities, self-care, or “me-time” may start to feel expendable and to drift off your radar. But consistency and maintaining priority of your own health is important for you to be most effective in your life. Taking care of yourself isn’t guaranteed to be something you can “do later.”

This week we’re going to look at how sleep habits influence heart health. It’s easy to prioritize the to-do list and schedules, but creating a healthy sleep routine is one of the best things you can do for your overall health!

Disclaimer: The information provided in these emails is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace medical care or treatment. Heart disease is a serious issue and we encourage you to talk with your doctor about any an all heart healthy choices you make.

We hope the content will encourage you and deepen your understanding of essential oils. Consider this a virtual care package from our hearts to yours. ♥️♥️♥️

READ:  How Does Sleep Affect Your Heart Health – CDC

WATCH: How to Use Essential Oils for Restful Sleep – Jen Springer

ENJOY: Getting Serious Sleep – Revolution Oils Podcast

Supplement Spotlight: ImmuPro

ImmuPro™ has been specially formulated to provide exceptional immune system support when combined with a healthy lifestyle and adequate sleep to support the body’s needs.

This power-packed formula combines naturally-derived immune-supporting Ningxia wolfberry polysaccharides with a unique blend of reishi, maitake, and agaricus blazei mushroom powders to deliver powerful antioxidant activity to help reduce the damaging effects of oxidative stress from free radicals.

ImmuPro provides zinc and selenium for proper immune function* along with other chelated minerals which emerging science suggests are more easily absorbed by the body. It also delivers melatonin which encourages restful sleep by promoting the body’s natural sleep rhythm.

Take 1-2 chewable tablets daily as needed, at bedtime. Do not exceed 2 tablets per day.

We all strive to feel rested, have moisturized skin, and maintain a healthy weight, hair, and bowel functions. There are many reasons that your health may fall below the wellness line. Take action now to support your body systems so you can continue to live your best and healthiest life.

In this class, we dive into supporting your endocrine system aka ALL THINGS HORMONAL! Learn more about supplements that provide support to different organs in your endocrine system and complementary oils.

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Have a wonderful weekend, and remember to treat yourself well!

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