Slique in 60 Challenge

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Did you hear that the Slique in 60 Challenge is coming up in February? We wanted to share a few resources to help you determine if this challenge is a good fit for you! With $3000 up for grabs as a grand prize, you definitely want to make an educated decision.

You can check out last year’s winners here.

We hope the content will encourage you and deepen your understanding of essential oils. Consider this a virtual care package from our hearts to yours. ♥️♥️♥️

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WATCH: Slique testimony (How I lost 32 lbs with Slique)

ENJOY: Green Smoothie with Slique Shake – Video Recipe

Healthy Weight Spotlight: Slique Essence

Why do we LOVE Slique Essence? A few drops of Slique Essence in your water can help you drink more water throughout the day, stave off cravings, and you get the added benefits of essential oils! Drinking more water is a great way to boost your metabolism and block out false hunger feelings. Most people confuse feelings of thirst for hunger, I know that I do this! If you think you are hungry, try drinking a glass of water with a few drops of Slique Essence first and you may actually realize we were only thirsty! If you are trying to cut down on sugar and caffeine-filled drinks, switching to plain water can be tough! Adding an essential oil like Slique Essence will help give your water an extra kick of flavor! 

Slique Essence combines Grapefruit, Tangerine, Lemon, Spearmint, and Ocotea essential oils with stevia extract. These ingredients work together to help control hunger and support healthy weight management goals, especially when used in conjunction with other Slique products.

Facebook Class of the Week

Looking to feel energized, strong, happy, and balanced? Explore some of Young Living’s finest supplements to make getting the proper nutrition easy and effective which will have you feeling your best.

We are going to share one of the biggest secrets about Young Living supplements and what makes them over two and a half times more absorbable than standard supplements. This makes a huge difference in not only being more cost-effective but also providing the proper support.

Join us to learn all about supplements that support major body systems, hormones, cleanses, and more!

I will have a special giveaway for one lucky person who attends this class LIVE.

Join me on Monday, January 21st for this life-changing “Young Living Supplements.” It’s time to KNOW better so you can DO better!

Don’t forget to invite your friends and family to this event. The more, the merrier.

Click on Mind Body Oils Classes below to join!

Have a wonderful weekend, and remember to treat yourself well!

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Want to learn more about essential oils or essential oil infused products? Join our educational private Facebook group YL:Let’s Talk Oils. I would love to help you become more familiar with an healthier alternative!

Ready to get started on this journey? I will hold your hand every step of the way. We will do this together. Click the button below to start your journey to health and wellness. 

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