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Mother’s Day Promo

Mother's DayPromoThe special women in your life deserve special gifts that make them feel beautiful, strong, and loved.

I have some great ideas on how you can maximize a Premium Starter Kit for this special occasion.

Option 1:

Purchase a Premium Starter Kit and use it as 13 individual gifts.

The Premium Starter Kit comes with 11 essential oils, a diffuser, and a few great samples of other products.

Let me give you some ideas about who you might choose to receive these gifts.

1. Diffuser & Citrus Fresh – A friend or caregiver with active children. Gift the diffuser separate if needed.
2. Lavender – Your friend who needs a restful night sleep.
3. Lemon Vitality – Someone who loves social gatherings or detox challenges. #Lemonade #GentleDetox
4. Frankincense – Your favorite Yogi. #mindfulness
5. Peppermint Vitality – Your bestie who bakes. #PeppermintBrownies
6. Copaiba Vitality – Your supplement junkie friend who loves all things wellness.
7. Thieves Vitality – Your child’s teacher, Sunday school teacher, or coach. #ImmuneSupport
8. DiGize Vitality – Your girlfriend who loves to travel. #DigestiveSupport
9. Raven – Your girlfriend who runs marathons #ApplyOverLungs
10. PanAway – Your girlfriend who hits the gym. #ApplyToMusclesAndJoints
11. Roll on top & Stress Away – Any living breathing human being. =)
12. Add the Thieves Cleaning sample to water in a cute spray bottle and gift it to your friend who loves all things clean and tidy.
13. Two NingXia Red packets – The one person you have left. Everyone can use this dietary supplement.

Option 2:

2) Give the entire Premium Starter Kit as a gift for a special woman in your life. As you can see from the list above, Premium Start Kit has it all, 13 wonderful gifting opportunities. This is the most effective, affordable, and diverse set of essential oils you can find.

When you purchase the Premium Starter Kit with me you will receive a FREE Leather Diffuser Bracelet plus a FREE citrus oil of your choice!

There is no better way then to give her what she wants! It’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift! #mothersdaygift #giftforher #healthygift

Purchase the Premium Starter Kit by clicking the link below. Offer available until May 13th.

Let’s Get Started

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