Dear Monsters, Go Away

No More Monsters!

Our soon to be 4 year old son has recently discovered that there are monsters in his room and has been keeping us up at night because of it! Also making going to bed a long and drawn out process. It doesn’t matter what I do, the monsters still keep hanging around until…

We created a Monster Spray!

Monster Spray? What’s Monster Spray? Well let me enlighten you on this magical spray.

My son was so excited that we were creating this monster spray all for him! He couldn’t wait until I picked him up from preschool so that we can make this spray together. On the way home we made a pit stop to the dollar store so that he could pick out his very own spray bottle. Yay, for the dollar store! Once home we got to it and created his monster spray!

We filled the spray bottle with 6 0z of water and then added 20 drops of Valor II (Valor can also be used). Once mixed together we went upstairs to his room and sprayed away. We sprayed in the closets, under the bed and around the door frame, so all monsters would be banished! Now no more monsters and his room smells amazing!

Now that we have no more monsters, this tired momma gets to finally sleep a full night! Hope all you mommies and daddies can now get some sleep tonight too!

Monster Spray Recipe:

1 Spray Bottle
6 oz of water
20 drops of Valor or Valor II

Mix together in a spray bottle and banish those monsters before nap or bedtime!


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